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Wearing Your Heart on Your Shirt

There's nothing like a t-shirt to express your true feelings. And this was the case for pretty much every human I saw at Disney World. Not only is the trip an opportunity to ride fun roller coasters and separate yourself from your money, but it's also a way to announce to a small percentage of the world population that it is your birthday, or you were just married, or you're on your first family vacation. And far too many young kids wore shirts with their names on it, which, as a mom, I would not advise. I mean have you seen 20/20? I considered lecturing fellow parents while I was in line for the rides, but worried that I'd ruin the light-hearted mood.

Notably absent from anyone' s attire, however, was a call to action for the climate or a political proclamation. Pretty refreshing considering we're in an election year and people have gone nuts about those kinds of things. Believe me, I used to live on the Upper West of Manhattan and had daily encounters with seniors in deli's seated at a large table debating the ills of the world over matzo ball soup.

And they always had a solution. "No, no, no," one septugenarian would raise a hand commanding the floor, "I'll tell you what they need to do." And then they'd outline their plan of action before heading home for their morning nap.

So it was great to be far removed from the anxieties that are currently plaguing our country. And in the process, I encountered some pretty clever clothing choices. Here are some of my favorites:

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